Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio
A portfolio is considered to be one of the most important things for a designer because portfolio is basically any designer’s first impression on his client. If you are a designer, you should be really focused on having a great portfolio so that you can make a good impression in the first go. Keeping in mind the importance of portfolios, designers are coming up with one page portfolios because clients cannot go through a huge collection of designs. Plus, you should be able to impress a client with one page portfolio. If you can do that, you are true designer.

In order to make a one page portfolio, you need to have your creativity at its best. You will have only one page to say it all and to show your designing and developing skills so you need to be very careful about what you add and what you subtract from that one page. So, designing a one page portfolio requires a few elements and a few characteristics. These can be followed to come up with a nice portfolio and since you have less space and more to say, you should be very wise with your choices. Using a one page portfolio is kind of like having a set of business cards available online. All the information a client would need is in one place. To take a deeper look into the subject, do visit Showcase of 30+ Amazing One Page Portfolio Sites.

Let’s take a look at the trends of one page portfolio:

Give Importance to Your Work

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

Either it’s a brochure, flyer, post card, business card or a website; your work will have to speak for itself so your main focus should be on bringing your work to the forefront. If you are working on one page portfolio, it should show the best designs by you so that people can have an idea as to how creative you are. One page portfolio should include everything that your portfolio’s site will consist of and bringing everything together on one page is not an easy task.

A large space of screen should display your best work because at the end of the day, clients will hire you only if they think you are good at your work. People do believe that first impression is the last impression so you need to make the best first impression by bringing your best to vanguard.

Your Introduction

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

Even if you are making a one page portfolio, is should have a nice introduction about yourself. Obviously, a fully fledged website will have a lot of information about you and your projects. You cannot have this entire information on one page so you need to be very careful about the selections you make. This portfolio should include a brief introduction about yourself and the biggest projects handled by you.

Information Cramming

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

The issue with one page portfolio is that a designer would have a lot to say and write but because of the less space he won’t be able to do it. In such cases, you are responsible for creating a balance between the display of your design and the text that you want your readers to read. There is very little less that you can fit on a page so you should be aware of the important things. You would not want your portfolio to appear congested and cluttered so display the designs which are really impressive and the text which is extremely important.

Keep it Simple and Organized

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

You must have heard of the phrase less is more so you need to keep things simple and organized. Overdoing it will only destroy your portfolio and you do not want that to happen in any case. Keeping things simple does not apply to your one page portfolio only. It should be applicable on every design you make because trying to do too much is lesser space will give you a bad result no matter what.

In one page portfolio, you need to highlight the area of your expertise. The designers are expected to know a little bit about everything but there is no need to mention it on your portfolio. Only write the things you are really good at so that clients can find out the area of your expertise otherwise you will confuse the client with too much of information on your skills. So, try to keep things simple yet organized.

Seamless Navigation

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

Your one page portfolio will not have various pages or tabs but it will surely contain a navigation menu. You need to be very careful about the navigation menu as it will lead the users to specific sections. You can always make one page portfolio easy to navigate if you think and work on it intelligently. I understand that as a designer you will have an urge to do something different in your portfolio but playing too much with the navigation menu is not a very good idea. At the end of the day, if people are not able to navigate through your website easily, it will not matter if you have an extremely good looking and creative menu tab. So, it should be easy and simple to use.

Smooth Scrolling

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

Smooth scrolling is an extension of easy navigation menu. Do not make user visitor go left to right or top to bottom even in a single page. You will end up annoying him. Give them a smooth scrolling for clicks and visiting different tabs through menu.

Purpose behind the Creativity

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

If you want to put any decorative element in your portfolio other than your own work, you need to have rationale behind that. It should serve its purpose in your one page portfolio. You do not have to fill every space of your portfolio as a little bit of empty spaces here and there will give a good and professional look. Visual clutter won’t be very pleasing to the visitor’s eye so anything you include in your portfolio should have a reason.

Light Box Effects

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

You cannot afford to have big and huge images on one page portfolio but then again in small images you cannot actually represent your creativity. In such cases, you are suggested to use light box JavaScript effects. When visitors will hover over the mouse over the images they can see a bigger version of the picture. The display will look great and it will be convenient for users as well.

Social Networking Website Buttons

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

You must be aware of the immense popularity of social networking websites so that is a great way to promote your work and portfolio. You will get a huge number of visitors from these websites as clients find it a useful way to find good designers and developers.

The ‘Contact Us’ Page

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

The basic objective of your portfolio is to attract people and create a call-to-action to the potential clients. This is a must thing because if you are able to impress your visitors, they should have an option to contact you. You can include a contact form or your email address in your one page portfolio so that you are easily accessible to the people who have liked your work.

Final Thoughts

A good and successful portfolio is one which consists a little bit of everything and when I say everything it means, your personality, creativity yet it should be simple and attractive. As a designer you have the capability to make your portfolio stand out of the crowd and you need to work on achieving this target. Get a little bit of everything, put it together and come up with a nice, attractive and informative one page portfolio.


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