Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

Don’t Just Sit There! Be a Productive Freelancer
Freelancing – a word which has different meanings for different people. Some people consider freelancing as a very easy and convenient job. For such people it is synonymous to designing a simple brochure, flyer, postcard or a business card. However, for some, it is very difficult to survive as a freelancer. I personally think that being a freelancer is not at all an easy thing. It has its perks, but you get them by paying a price. Ordinary jobs are difficult but not as difficult as being a freelancer. The reason why people think it’s easy is because you can work from anywhere in the world. You do not have to sit in office for nine hours. Also, what can be better that being your own boss?

The simple answer to this question is nothing! You do not have to report to anyone, no one is shouting at you and you have the freedom to work at your own time. Well, it is not that easy as it may sound or appear to be. Freelancers have to face different kind of challenges and they have to fight with multiple distractions that people with a 9-5 job won’t have to deal with. Freelancers are expected to complete their work on time and if they don’t, they will lose out on a client which is very problematic for freelancers since they cannot afford to do so.

Mostly freelancers are expected to get their job done as soon as possible. If they fail to do so, it will affect their credibility. So, it is very important for a freelancer to be a productive one. In order to be a successful freelancer web or graphic designer one has to be consistent and determined. Hand your business cards out every opportunity you get. If you want to become a productive freelancer, you should not just sit and wait for projects to come to you. Become a productive freelancer by following the tips given below:

Following a Routine

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

As mentioned earlier, freelancer will have a lot of distractions so it is very important for them to have a time table and follow that routine. It happens to a lot of people that they have decided to accomplish so much in a day but they fail to because they were not organized. In order to be a productive freelancer, you have to make a schedule of your tasks and then make sure you follow it properly. You can find a lot of Time Management Software online so you can take help from them and make a To-Do list for all of your tasks.
There won’t be any issues in completing your tasks if you follow your schedule properly and strictly. Such type of software will help you in managing your tasks easily hence, making you more productive and efficient freelancer.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Don’t Just Sit There! Be a Productive Freelancer

There is always something more or less important. Since freelancers are handling multiple projects at the same time, they need to prioritize their projects and tasks. If you won’t make a list of tasks that are really important, you might forget to work on them and later on it can cause a lot of issues. If you have multiple projects on hand, make a list of projects which needs to be taken care of on priority basis and rest of the things can be dealt afterwards.

Analyze Your Strong Points and Time

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

As a freelancer, the biggest advantage that you have is of convenient timings. No one else gets the luxury to work on the timings they want to. Each and every person has a time in a day on which he is the most active and can work on his tasks. Since you can work on your own conditions, analyze your strongest time and schedule your tasks accordingly. For instance, some people cannot work early morning. If this is the case with you, you can always check your emails or work on other activities in day time so that you can focus on your work in evening. Knowing your strong points and time will help you a lot in succeeding with freelance business.

Make Sure You Meet Deadlines

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

If you really want to maximize your productivity you need to have a fixed time in order to end your project. In order to do this you need to make a schedule of your projects and this will help you in meeting deadlines. As a freelancer, meeting deadlines should be the most important thing for you. If you won’t, it will affect your other projects too. If you are unable to meet deadlines, you will end up losing projects which is not a good thing for a freelancer as they are in constant need of projects.

Identifying Your Distractions

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

As a freelancer, you do not have anyone to keep a check on you. In such cases there are high chances of getting distracted. With so many distractions around, your project will suffer. If you really want to become a productive freelancer, you need to identify your distractions and then make sure you avoid them while you are working. You can take out time for other activities later.

The distractions which mostly freelance web designers have to face are instant messaging, emails, calls or social networking websites. While you are at work, make sure you do not visit Facebook or Twitter. Also, if personal emails or phone calls can be avoided while at work, avoid them. You can get back to you friends later on. The only emails and phone calls that need attention at the time of work are the ones from your clients. Everything else is a distraction which needs to be avoided. So identify your distractions and get rid of them.

Checking and Revising Your Work

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

Not only as a designer, you need to check and revise your work regardless of which field you belong to. No one is expected to do things correctly in the first place so it is always better to check and revise your project before you submit it. As a web designer, you will have to check a lot of things related to your project. You should schedule your work in a way so that you get enough time to check and revise and later on submit your work to the client.

Some Relaxing Time

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

Any person needs time to relax and unwind. Some freelancers work 24/7 which is not a good thing at all. You should always be able to take out enough time to relax so that you can make a fresh start again. Do not over burden yourself with work because you won’t be able to make the best of your creativity as a lot will be going in your mind. So take out time for relaxing and then start working with a fresh mind.

Winding Up

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

Being a freelance web designer is not an easy task but if you follow the above mentioned points, you can easily manage your projects and other activities too. These tips might not work for everyone but they can definitely help you in improving your productivity. If you are not organized as a freelancer, you will not be able to succeed so get yourself organized and start working on your projects. Make sure you take out enough time for family, friends and other relaxing activities.


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