Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace
Seeking perfection is a great thing but at the same time, one has to stay realistic as well. As a designer or developer, you would want to make your website perfect free of flaws. However, trying to make things perfect requires a lot of time and it may take more time than you actually have. Even after completion of the project, there is always something that a designer thinks needs to be changed in order to make it perfect. In such a situation, you can say that designer is being unrealistic. Things can be perfect but too perfect to be true rarely happens. Trying to be too perfect is almost close to fascism.

In order to understand my statement, you need to just looks around you and find one thing which is absolutely perfect without any flaws. I can assure you that you won’t be able to find any brochure, flyer, post card, business card or any designed material completely perfect. Even if something is perfect apparently, it would have a lot of issues associated with it.

The computer through which you are reading his article might be working perfectly right now but isn’t it true that it causes a lot of issues on and off. Not only computer, pick anything from your house and you will find that nothing is perfect in this world so expecting your design to be flawless is not at all a realistic approach. Creative brochures designs are great, but you have to manage your time well. Sometimes striving for perfection which can’t be achieved will drastically reduce your profits.

Perfection Harms the Development

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

There is a room for improvement in everything and when I say everything I literally mean everything that surrounds us can be improved. Honestly, if our ancestors limited themselves to come up with things which are nothing but perfect, we would have no inventions. If you read history, every invention has been improved with the passage of time and it took time for things to be what they are today. Since nothing is perfect isn’t it better that you own whatever you have and try to make it as good as possible. Your goal should be a good design and not an obsession of having a flawless design.

So, while you are designing or developing a website you don’t have to be perfect. All you need to do is be good at what you are and you will surely come up with something exceptional. S

Why is Perfection Harmful?

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

Perfection is not close to reality which is why it can be really harmful while achieving your goals. When you start a project you have certain goals to achieve and the constant effort of trying to make them perfect will ruin your realistic goals too. Your main focus should be towards achieving your desired goals and not to become a perfectionist. Honestly, I personally think that more your keep things simple the more you are closer to your goals.

When a website is launched, it is never a perfect website without any flaws. The feedback from different users will help you make it into a call-to-action website. The feedback is the most important thing and you need to make improvements which are needed by users instead of working on what you think would be perfect. At the end of the day, you are designing a website for them so it should be according to their suggestions.

You cannot be perfect, unfortunate but true it is and as soon as you expect it, it would be better for you. Instead of wasting your time in making a perfect website, go for things which are simple, reliable and approved by your target audience.

Perfection Often Remains Unnoticed

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

This is for sure unfortunate but most of the times people won’t even have to time to notice your perfection. Look, people have not seen your project from the initial stages so they don’t know how much effort you have out in something. If they found a single flaw, they will concentrate more on that and less on your other perfect things.

If you give a lot of time to unnecessary details, you will realize at the end that you have wasted a lot of time and this is why you need to extend the deadlines of your project. Once you are in this situation, recall the things you have done and think if all that effort was worth it. See, achieving goals is more important so focus on that.

Abandoning Perfection Is Far From Abandoning Good Project

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

What you think is perfect might not be someone else’s idea of perfectionism. Clearly, you are not your client and you are not the visitor of your website so your thoughts are not as important as their opinions are. You must have heard of the phrase that one man’s meat is another man’s poison so as I said something perfect for you might be something awful for your visitors. So try to leave the room of improvement instead of trying to make things perfect.

You Will Create a Much Better Website without Being Perfect

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

It might sound strange but it is true. Less is more and this is the best thing to keep in mind while designing a website. When I say you don’t have to be perfect does not mean that you should not work hard in order to make things functional but you should not waste your time on extra things. By being less of a perfectionist you will be more of a productive person. Following are a few benefits that you will get if you leave perfectionism behind:

  1. You will be able to launch your website early and within deadlines
  2. Your website will be functional and exposed to people early.
  3. You can make improvements according to the feedback from the people.

Trying not to be perfect might sound really strange but simple solution is always better than a perfect solution.

Dividing Your Tasks into Two – Important Ones & Details

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

Dividing can help you a lot in making your priority list. Important ones are obviously important so you need to work on them first. Details can take a lot of your time so until and unless it is really important, do not get into too much details of anything. But make sure you do check details once you have time.

Work Iteratively

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

Well, as said earlier, you need to focus on the important tasks first and try to finish your website as soon as possible. You will have plenty of time to work on other tasks after that. This is an iteration you can do and in the second one you can have a session of improving things. I would repeat and emphasize on “improving” things and not making them “perfect”.

If you really want to enter the third iteration, you can and here you can finally focus on the details that you did not get time to check on earlier. This is the best thing about iterative approach. You do not have to worry about finishing a website as you have already done that and you have plenty of time to improve it.

Quick and Effective Work

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

Being quick and effective in no way means that you should just design anything and handover the project to the client. However, you should try to deliver good projects on time. As I have said it a lot of times in article, you do not have to be perfect. All you need to do is be good at what you do and you are for sure to gain appreciation.

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