New Years Resolution for all Creative Professionals

Year 2011 has arrived with all its zeal and fervor. Like every new year, this new beginning has brought many changes in the world we live in. New year’s resolution is the very first thing one thinks about as soon as the new year begins to appear. Resolutions are made and re-made at every level and by everyone, either deliberately or unconsciously. These resolutions help you carve a direction for the upcoming time and also to prepare you to cope with the challenges of tomorrow as properly as possible.

Like all other professions of the world, creativity calls for a new years resolution too. There are millions of creative professionals out there in the global market, who are engaged in different fields of creativity and aesthetics. These creative professionals come with a wide variety and include writers, fine artists, performing artists, and designers. One thing they all have in common is that they all create new things make new ways and innovate, and earn their livelihood by selling their services. Resolve to market your services regularly with business cards, printed postcards, and brochures.

So all you creative souls out there, it is the high time for you to make some policies, map out some strategies and do some promises to yourself as how you want to take your creative professional career in the year 2011. I have summed up some general points regarding new year’s resolution for all creative professionals that might help you built more solid beginning of the year.

To Learn from Last Year’s Mistakes

The previous year had been either hard, harsh, affluent or successful for us creative professionals, however, we, being humans make certain mistakes throughout the year that tend to affect our success and progress rather slow our career down. So here I would like to suggest you all that first new year resolution you should make is to learn from the mistakes you did last year.

Either it was a wrong job switch, choosing a mis-fit partner for business, unsuitable outsourcing or being stuck with a wrong client, most of the career mistakes can be undone in the new year. Therefore, every creative professional should plan out to take cautious steps in their career and should not repeat the mistakes they have done in the previous year.

To Explore New Dimensions in Creativity

Creativity has no bounds, and creative professionals need to understand this. There is no wisdom in limiting yourself to a specific field of creativity will not do any good to the professional career or creative people. Make a plan this new year to lean some new skills and explore other dimensions of creativity. If you are a web designer, try learning some web development to boost your skills.

You’ll find that not only do you increase your possible client range; you also will become a better web designer by understanding how your designs are implemented in markup.  On the other hand, if you are a graphic designer or a digital painter, try learning some 3D or photography or even pencil sketching, and then consider blending your veteran talents with the new skill, which will push your artistic boundaries farther than ever before.  It’s important to continue learning and growing as a creative mind, and learning new skills is a great way to do this.

To Update Yourself Technologically

Technology does not bring out creativity, however, it does help you communicate your skills and amplify your talents to a greater extent. So it is always important to learn about the most latest technological advancement in your field or creativity. As a designer, make it a new year’s resolution to learn the new version of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Dreamweaver. As a painter, sculptor or photographer, try to acquire computer graphic skills to make your product look better. Even if you are a writer, try to lean the different ways electronic dictionaries or the latest MS Word can help you with.

To Yield Alternate Income

Having a job in this saturated world of occupations is a blessing; however, being a creative professional, you know that you can always do more. Passive income or after-office freelancing is a good way to earn some extra bucks. Basically, creative jobs tend to be much more variable in terms of earnings, especially for freelancers.

During the global economic recession, many creative professionals realized that their clients are leaving for cheaper priced options. Thousands of creative and talented individuals lost their job because the companies couldn’t pay them well. So, to avoid running into financial difficulties and job loss, try to set up a regular arrangement for passive income stream that can really help even out your bumpy income rides.

Also, unlike other fields of the world, creative professionals have much space to offer their after-office freelance services to a variety of areas. Make a resolution about it this new year and yield an alternative income. Who knows, you might plan a world trip with all the extra money!

To Go Up on Savings

As mentioned earlier, 2008’s global economic crunch resulted in millions of job losses all around the world. Although the ice has almost melted down and the affects of recession are fading, however, it is always good to save something for the rainy day. This can be a great new year resolution a creative professional can make in order to be self-sustained in the upcoming year. As a general view point, there is no such thing as having much money saved for jobless days.

This should be specially an important new year’s resolution particularly in the case of freelancing or in an unstable economy.  Either you are salaried professional or work on self-employed basis, always make it a point to save a particular chunk of your regular income, after paying off the bills, rents and other monthly expenses. So by ensuring that you have proper and suitable savings in your account, you can reduce the worry about debts, bills and other monthly expenditures and instead focus on the creative process, which is actually your thing to do.

To Network More

Creativity is a chained profession where people learn from other people and others learn from them. Owing to the nature of this profession, networking is inarguable the most important thing for any creative professional to indulge in. A proper and suitable networking can yield you good in terms of business and career promotions by opening up doors for new jobs, getting new clients, meeting up with potential business partners, catch inspirational creative people to draw ideas from, or, on the other hand in terms of socializing, neutralizing the effects of a long hard day or just a new friend who you can talk to. It is crucial for all the creative professionals belonging to every field of creativity to motivate themselves in this upcoming year to network more as making new contacts always help.

Apart from getting physically involved in networking events, the virtual world also offers social media as a powerful tool for meeting new people and being mutually beneficial for each other.  My personal favorite site is blogging. Blogging is a great technique and a way of socializing that can help you meet new people of your creative field from all over the world. It is also a mean of sharing your thoughts and ideas over the Internet and showcasing your services to the world.

To Be Here For Good

And last of all, every one of us lives for himself, earns for his family and brings good to his loved ones. However, this should be a part of your new year’s resolution to bring some good to the world and the people of the world, your fellow-men. You, being a creative professional, have an ability greater than the rest of non-creative people out there to motivate people towards a good cause. Write a poem, make a painting or just design a brochure, flyer or postcard for anything you think the people of the world should be motivated with.

Happy new Year and Good Luck to you all!

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