How to Write Must-Read Content for Your Design Blog

As a graphic designer, you must have designed your own blog. Well, designing a blog in not the only important thing. You must give a lot of importance to the content you post on your blog. The out look of the blog has to be great as people expect a designer’s blog to be a perfect representation of his creativity, but good content on the website will make them visit your website every now and then for useful sort of information. People will visit your blog if they find something worth reading. If you have experience writing copy for brochures and other marketing pieces then you already know quality writing is critical.

As a designer, you must write blogs which can prove to be really helpful for the upcoming designers as they will visit your blog in hope of learning something new and different. You can always share your experiences with them or give them tips through your writing. Always keep in mind that you need to write must read content on your blog. This will not only help other people but it will also help you in gaining a lot of clients.
Following are a few tips that one should keep in mind while writing a blog in order to attract more and more traffic on your website:

Be Original and Creative

A lot of people will think that this is something really obvious. Since it is considered the most obvious thing, it is ignored by various designers. See, designers are expected to be really creative and they should always come up with something new, unique and different. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about.

It could be anything for instance, print designing, web designing or other design related stuff, and you should write the content in a fresh and creative way. Obviously, you are not a content writer but since you are a designer, no one can explain designing in a better way. This will not only help you as a designer but will also polish your writing skills.

You might have to write on topics that have been discussed again and again. But you while writing about them you should take the topic from a new angle and then address the issue. It is very important that you do not copy ideas from anywhere.  Even if the topic is common, the content should be new and fresh so that readers are able to learn something different from your blog.

Exploring a Particular Topic

Internet is one place where users can find information about anything and everything.  Your blog should have something extra to offer to readers in order for them to visit it again and again. You will disappoint a reader by giving them the same material they have read on other websites as well. If you have chosen a topic, you need to dig deeper on that particular subject so that relevant and important details could be provided to the reader.  Also, make sure you write a detailed article which has answers to all the questions in a reader’s mind. This way, he will not have to look for other websites.

You might have to give a particular topic more than one post on a blog in order to address all the issues. Do not hesitate to do it. Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to provide users with authentic and detailed information. By doing this, you are giving users a good reason to re visit your blog whenever they need information or if they are facing a design related problem. So, choose a topic, explore it and write everything important about it so that you can help your fellow designers and new people in the business.

Address Designers’ Issues

One thing you should keep in mind while writing for your blog is that users are not coming to your blog in order to know your thoughts on a particular topic. They are looking for solutions to their problems and this is exactly what you should provide them.  You need to differentiate between a personal blog and a professional blog. If you are writing on your personal blog, you can write whatever you think. If you are writing on your professional blog as a professional designer, help other people in solving their problems instead of telling them your likes and dislikes.
Since you are a designer, you would better know what sort of issues designers face. You can help newbie in finding solutions to their problems since you were a starter at some point of time as well. Do not forget to visit the “Comments” section on your blog. You will find a lot of queries there so give your time in answering those queries. If people will start receiving a good response from your side, you will have a good number of loyal readers.

Read Your Readers Mind

As mentioned earlier, you need to write what readers want to read and be influenced with. Such is called a call-to-action content that puts a special impact on the reader’s mind and stays in his memory for longer period of time. A call-to-action content also prompts the reader to follow the tips or suggestions you have mentioned in your blog.

This can only be done if you are able to read the mind of your readers. The best way to do it is to keep visiting the comments section in your blog. You will find plenty of new topics suggested by users. You can always write on their problems. This way you are getting a good topic and you are also addressing users’ issues. You can also have a section where you can ask your readers to suggest you topics. You will find a lot of visitors giving you some great ideas to write on. Since the topics would be suggestions from the common man, you will attract more traffic towards your blog because you would be addressing users’ issue.

Good Grammar and Sentence Structures

Always keep in mind that readers should easily understand the content you have written. You need to make sure that you are using correct grammar and proper sentence structures. This rule is not applicable for design blogs but for every writer out there. Now, you must be thinking that you are a designer and not a writer so mistakes are bound to happen. See, no one is perfect but you must make a conscious effort to make sure that whatever is written by you is easily understandable by the people who would be reading it. Also, your writing should be simple but not boring. Do incorporate different quotations wherever they are applicable. This will keep the interest of the readers alive.

Do Not Lie To Your Audience

Being honest to your audience is the most important thing. The worst you can do to your blog is over inflating your content. You have to be honest while writing and do not promise impossible things. Writing headings such as “learn how to design a website in an hour” might attract a lot of traffic in the first place but once the reader realizes that you are lying, he will never come to your blog again. So, whatever information you provide to them, make sure it is authentic, honest and practical.

The Finale

Content is very important for all mediums of communication. Be it your brochure, flyer, website, post card or even the business card, the importance of good content cannot be undermined. People will visit your blog with a lot of expectations since you are a designer. They expect you to post some knowledgeable information and the content which will help them in future. So you need to have a blog which is well-written, informative and entertaining.

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