Elements of a Facebook Page for Your Design Business

One of the most popular things in today’s world is a social networking website called Facebook. Anyone and everyone is on Facebook these days and not having an account on Facebook is known to be a very strange thing. Facebook is not only a great website for interacting with your loved ones; it is also a great platform to promote your business. Anyone who has a business or is working as a freelancer knows that they have to be on Facebook in order to be able to reach to their target audience.

You need to be aware of the importance of establishing a successful business page on Facebook so that you are able to advertise your business. Always keep in mind that you have to be active on the Facebook and only presence won’t help. You will have to really work hard on designing your Facebook page for your design business.

If you are a freelancer or a professional graphic designer and your design job is to make promotional materials like brochures, business cards, flyers or post cards etc. , a Facebook business page can help you a lot in not only promoting your business but also in finding new clients. Before you start working n your business page, you need to understand the essential elements that your Facebook page should have. When you visit different pages, they might look very simple and easy to make. This is not the case. There are a lot of elements that one should keep in mind while designing a Facebook page for his or her business page. Allow your Facebook fans to view work samples such as layouts for postcards and other marketing pieces you have designed.

Following are a few elements that every designer should consider before he starts designing a Facebook business page for his business:

Attractive Design & Impressive Branding

Since you are a graphic designer or you are running a graphic designing business, people will expect a lot from your Facebook business page. You need to make sure that your business page is extremely attractive and it should represent your entire image. This is the best way to impress your potential client.

Your business page will be considered as your portfolio. For a graphic designer, it is very important that his Facebook business page should be visually attractive. Also, it is great way of branding. Make sure the color schemes or fonts that you chose are similar to the ones used on your blog or website so that a visitor can relate to them.

The Most Important Element – “like”

Since you have successfully gained the attention of the visitor because of your attractive page you need to start focusing on other things as well. Always keep in mind that your welcome page should be attractive and people should want to like your page. Your page should prompt the visitor to “Like” your page so that he can receive daily updates about your brand. A loyal visitor will also share your details or upcoming projects and this is a great way to promote yourself as a designer or your business.

Since you are a designer, a lot is expected from you. Create a customized “like” tab from your Facebook page. This is a great way to impress your visitor.

Exclusivity and Innovation

Anything is successful only when there is a relationship of give and take. If your visitor is taking out time to like your page, you should be offering your user some special discounts or there should be something worth reading on your Facebook page for the reader. Facebook also gives you an option to “hide” a few things from the visitor and they will be viewable only if he likes your page. So, come up with something interesting in order to create a level of excitement in your visitor. He should have an urge to view the hidden content of your Facebook page.

Also, there should be an exclusive content for those who have liked your page. A simple thank you or a few words of wisdom from you will be good.

Keeping Your Fans Involved

One of the biggest advantages of promoting your business page on Facebook is that everyone is pretty much aware of how things work on Facebook. This is exactly why it would be really easy for people to respond to your activities, post etc on Facebook. Since users do not have to learn a complete new interface, this can work out pretty well for you.

Your job here is to keep your fans involved as much as possible. Always come up with new activities for users to get involved. This way they will actually look forward to new things from your side. If you have managed to keep your visitors happy, you have designed a Facebook page successfully.

Promotional Activities

While designing a Facebook page you need to keep a lot in mind. Do not fill it with clutter. In fact you should come up with separate tabs for your promotional activities. You can offer your visitors, discount coupons or you can introduce a competition which will receive a gift from your side.

You can even promote an upcoming designer, or a fellow designer, or a client as well. This is a good way of marketing yourself into the potential clients as other clients will expect you to advertise them on your Facebook page as well. You will be having a great link on your Facebook and you will also be able to establish some really good relationships with your users, clients and even competitors.

Discussion Forums

Never forget to add a discussion forum in your Facebook page. Design it in a way where people can actually discuss things related to graphic designing or related to your business. You can even give people some tricks and techniques or ideas to become a successful graphic designer.

Keeping your fans engaged on your Facebook page can do wonders for you. Having a dull and boring Facebook page is not good. As quoted earlier, existing on Facebook is not the only important thing. You need to get your presence felt and the only way is to design your Facebook page with a lot of creativities. This is the best way to exhibit your talent.

Link to Your Website

Last but not the least; do not forget to add a link to your website while designing a Facebook page. Make sure it is highlighted on your Facebook page so that your visitors can get a glimpse of your actual creativity on your website.

A Bird’s Eye View

There are a lot of elements that one has to keep in mind while designing a Facebook page. Make sure that your text is easily readable as at the end of the day content is the most important thing. But, as a designer, you have to live up to the expectations of people. Your Facebook page should simply be a representation of your creativity as a designer.

To get inspiration, you can even visit the Facebook business pages of giants of the industry. They have managed create a bran yet again through their Facebook page. So, bring out all your creativity to make your Facebook page. This will help not only help in promoting your business but people will start accepting you as a separate brand and your existence will be noticed. So, go for it!

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