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Websites are based on the foundations of a virtual world. Whatever ‘seems’ good to the eyes of the viewer is termed successful. Like colors, layout and typography, icons play an important role in adding to the virtual attraction of your website. The more unique icons you use, the better it will be for your website’s success. This brings a new challenge for us graphic designers. Every client wants us to make unique and beautiful icons for their website and we often find ourselves trapped with not many options. However, this is not the case anymore. Bless the day when a friend of mine introduced Icons Land to me which made my day. The website has a wide variety of state-of-the-art icons from almost every field of life.

Icons Land is not just any website run by an individual, it is rather a complete icon studio backed by the skills, aesthetics and expertise of professional designers, and the quality, creativity and variety of the icons will certainly vouch for that.
The different types of icons offered by Icons Land are the best in terms of quality and variation.

All the icons are Vista-style and each represents perfection in its every aspect. Apart from a bundle of Stock Icons, there are a good number of Vector Icons as well, that are good at re-sizing i.e. you can enlarge or scale them down into the size of your choice. Also, the Emoticons present at this website are funny, innovative and very well-defined. You can use the Emoticons (or Avatars) in the Instant Message applications or email options of your web design. All the icons being in 3D give out a luscious, glossy and very detailed effect and make them even more eye-catching. And adding cherry to the cake is the ‘royalty-free’ factor of the icons present at Icons Land. So all you have to do is to click and choose!

Either you are a self-employed web designer or a web-design business owner, Icons Land is just the place where you can find the kind of variety and versatility your clientele needs. Using icons from Icons Land not only adds excitement to your web design but is also an economical option for getting gorgeous icons. The website also saves your precious time, because when you can find a bundle of attractive high-quality icons from Icons Land, you can spend your time on other aspects of your web design and make it perfect for your client… and trust me it works! My excitement increased 2X when I explored it further and found out that the website offers not only an array of ready-made interesting icons but also extends services in custom-made icons as well. This service offered by Icons Land has helped me and some of my other fellow designers while designing a web for a choosy client who wants one-of-a-kind icons for his web.

From a user’s point of view, the Icons Land website has easy navigation and doesn’t turn out fussy when a user wants to explore it. Coming from the house of veteran designers, the website itself is a good piece of web design perfection. There are good buying options too. You can either go for a single icon or buy a whole package; Icons Land is there to suit all your needs. I, being a web designer, know how convenient it gets when you have a bunch of cool and cost-effective icons at your disposal. Once you get your desired icons from Icons Land, consider yourself half way through a perfect web designing experience!

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