Graphic Designing on iPad To be or Not to be

Apple and its products have borne a lot of fruits to IT and design industry alike. Today, it is because of Apple that we carrying the smartest computer technology in the form of iPad. It has given a revolution to interactive IT gadgets and the trend of touch devices has soared to its peak (till now). Apple has been undefeated in all of his applications with respective set of technologies.

iPod is nothing but a blessing for music lovers and opened new doors to further advancements. iPhone, on the other hand, took the mobile industry with a storm and is being introduced in new and more advanced models every other day. Even savvy designers who are accustomed to creating layouts for postcards in just minutes will be impressed at what the iPad has to offer.

iPad, however; can be said the most intriguing and interesting product by Apple in the recent times. It has set a new trend and change our way of using computers. It is a sleek, slim and adorable technological gadget which actually defines your personality in its own unique way. Having said all good about iPad, it is now time to gauge the product in perspective of designing. The question that arises here is did iPad do any good to graphic designers in making their work easier without harming the quality of the work? Let’s find out how designing has been revolutionized with this advancement.

A Replacement of Desktop?


It is beyond doubt that desktop usage is on its decline with the advent of laptops and now the iPad. However, it does not mean that desktop computer is going to be dead soon. Desktop is still the best machine as far as graphic designing is concern. It is a general opinion that iPad is for those who do not want to use desktop but want to stay connected through internet. Despite of unprecedented success of iPad we still cannot see it removing desktop from our lives and there are number of reasons behind this statement.

Although the size in general is going to limit your workspace, multiple creative software availability along with a large screen which can assist designers to come up with new kinds of designing breeds.

Digital Drawing Board


This exciting features and never-seen-before graphics are the most valuable features of iPad. It will give an opportunity to the designers to design in a much easier way by drawing on their digital sketch book. At the moment, there are a few solid sketching apps available already, including Sketchbook Mobile, Layers, and Brushes; all of which support multiple brushes, layers and some even export as a psd file.

The available applications are attractive but those who like to work innovatively and have some seriously creative ideas iPad needs to do a lot more. There should be more applications compatible to the device. It seems like iPad is good machine to work on but still Apple seems not interested in killing your desktop machines for illustration, design or web development.



Apple has always taken care of latest trends in IT and that is why they put all these trends in their newest application. Unfortunately, in iPad, if you are looking to go to YouTube and want to play a video, it may not work because iPad is flash-less, i.e. it does not support Flash application. Although the Flash availability depends on your browser too; but most of the time there are some missing plug-in indications on iPad.

iPad Applications




Haven’t heard about iPad’s freeform? You are missing out on a very unique yet interesting designing application of iPad. It is a simple vector tool for sketching some quick drawings, diagrams, and illustrations with the help of your magical fingers. It is more like your Microsoft’s Paint built-in application; however, it certainly has much more to offer.

Font Game


If you are interested in variety of fonts and want to use them in your design, then you got to try iPad’s Font Game. It is an exciting application having 600 font specimens in it, allowing you to change your design altogether.



Gusto is not another game by Apple but it is a software designed to give user the due freedom of web development in a whole new style. In this you can open your web projects, download more than one file from your FTP server at same time and with the help of quick locally viewing option, you can see your changes in its preview.

In order to make your changes live, use the built-in FTP client or the easy to use document publishing to transfer your documents. Gusto allows you to open multiple documents in tabs that enable quicker navigation. Gusto definitely tickles your web development senses.



As the word describes itself, Penultimate is ultimately a super application that enables you to do interesting things with your pen tool. It is stylish, powerful and very easy to use. It actually allows you to take notes and draw sketches. Users can separate notebooks for each topic, project or category with the help of three different photorealistic paper styles.



Managing your blog has never been so easy with your desktop or laptops, as it is on the iPad. iPad as it has given wordpress whole new outlook and with WordPress OS you can now moderate the comments and content on your blog without facing any hitch.

Phaidon Design Collection


Stop hovering on the Internet in the pursuit of finding a design book on a dedicated topic. The time has come when you have it right in your iPad just few clicks away. Phaidon Design is the premium collection of researched product design and charts. The product took years in making and was compiled by tough selection process by some of the best design-world gurus.

Sketchbook Pro


Have you been looking for an extended version of the Paint? Well, your search has been over as iPad presents you Sketchbook Pro with sophisticated new tools of image editing and designing without any limitations. So just move your fingers around and start changing the design course of image editing.



Did any design click in your mind and you are looking for pen but could not find it? Don’t let the idea diminish on the cost of pen and paper hunting. Grab your iPad open Omnigraffle and draw whatever and however you like. It can be used to create diagrams, flow charts, org charts, and illustrations.

You can use paper, napkin, whiteboard or cocktail as your canvas. It features a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface. Groups of shapes in the form on Stencils are available to drag and drop as extensions for OmniGraffle, and the designers can create their own stencils. It is one application which helps you to draw quick notes, drawings and sketches.

Wrapping up…

The truth is that the basic principles of design do not change. Illustration, Typography, Alignment, Proximity, effective color schemes, repetition, and other basic rules will rule the design world regardless of the technologies. It all depends on how we adopt a certain technology and make it useful for ourselves as designers.

After writing all the goodies about iPad, the readers must definitely be tempted to buy this newest and coolest gadget with or without desired applications. One thing is for sure that although iPad is a very attractive computer machine, however; it has failed to kill the usefulness and benefits of desktop computer (as yet). There are number of things Apple has deliberately missed to put in iPad just to keep desktop in market for some more time. However, there are certain things to point out before you let your credit card leave your wallet. Before buying it you need to set your priorities.

If you are a professional designer and are involved in some heavy design job then iPad is certainly not the right gadget. However, if you are a casual user, an amateur artist/ designer or want to stay up on the Internet tweeting with your friends and killing your time by playing games on high graphics then iPad is a must-buy.

The ultra-super graphics and human interactive characteristics have made the iPad inevitably alluring to almost everybody. So if you are a real Apple fan and love the interactive gadgets get your budget straight and buy your piece before the stores run out of stock.


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