Social Media and Graphic Designers – Pros and Cons

Social Media is not a new name and almost everybody is pretty much acquainted with the uses and effects of social media websites. In this techno-oriented world, social media networking is a prevailing trend that continues to grow with increasing awareness. People from all walks of life are prone to its usage. Likewise, graphic designers are also into using social media websites and many of them are pretty fond of it. However, what I have noticed is that with the growing challenges of graphic designing, social media has become more of a necessity for every graphic designer.

Today, every segment of industry is shifting its focus towards social media for its publicity and promotion. The graphic design industry is no exception with more and more graphic designers making use of it. But like every other technology that has been invented, social media has its particular pros and cons.

Every new development has its own advantages and disadvantages. Innovation can either lead to progression or devastation. It only depends on how you use it. On one side, social media has numerous benefits for graphic designers, however simultaneously; social media can prove to be disastrous. This post is to give you a balanced analysis of social media and its impacts on graphic designers.

Social Media for Graphic Designers – Pros

Shortest Route to Publicity and Promotion

Surpassing all the conventional business promotion techniques, social media marketing is a known fact that the fastest way to promote something to the world. One single tweet on Twitter and graphic designers are able to share their designs with the entire designer community, rather the world.

Your Link to the Design Community

There are millions of graphic designers all over the world and all of us share almost the same feelings and understand each other. Also, it is quite universal that graphic designers benefits from each other. By using social media, graphic designers share their views and their designing work and provide useful feedback to each other.

Lower Cost – Greater Effects

With abundance of Internet connectivity and its low cost availability, social media has become the most inexpensive of all promotional mediums. Also, social mediums provide the designers an opportunity to learn from fellow designers and put that learned thing into their practice.

A Magnet for Opportunities

Social networking and blogging websites have become a popular resource for graphic designers to find potential clients and business opportunities from all around the world. You can attract many business opportunities by posting your work on social media websites and make money from it.

Social Media for Graphic Designers – Cons

Going Off-the-Track


Although social media provides aforementioned benefits for graphic designers, however, excess of everything is bad. Similarly, too much indulgence in the social media websites often leads to waste of the designers’ precious time. Social media is a complex web and one shared link leads a graphic designer to another and then another and it goes on. So, designers often forget their basic work and go off-the-track from their main purpose.

An Open Invitation to Plagiarism

With the prevailing trend of social media website usage, we have witnessed an increase in design plagiarism. Either it is the design or the content, your material is copied on the blogosphere which is a constants menace for the graphic designers. This may prove to be fatal for graphic designers as there is not much they can do to protect their design work on the social webs.

Work Life and Personal Life Imbalance


Too much social media usage creates an imbalance between a graphic designer’s work life and personal life. It is important for you to set priorities. A balanced social media usage requires a graphic designer to dedicate reasonable amount of time to social networking and fulfill personal duties as well.

Spam and Scam

Unlike other media, social media is the biggest victim of spam and scam menace. We are faced with a constant bombardment of spamming from various scam entities everyday which creates confusion in the design field. Graphic designers also are sometimes confused for spammers at social media sites that dent their reputation real bad.


Moderation is the key to utilize any miracle of science for yourself. A balance is required in life and routine, generally from everybody, and specifically from a graphic designer.

Happy social media networking everybody!


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