How to Design a Web Banner That Stands Out

In today’s world, the need of advertising is growing directly in proportion with the growing economy. Advertising has become an inevitable element of businesses. Every company is adopting the concept of advertising and is constantly striving to use new mediums of advertisement by which people can be attracted. Internet is one of those newest and the most inexpensive mediums of advertising being used nowadays and also a source of online business, website design company create website and website ads and web banners for their online business. The Internet is inundated with different tools of advertisement to cater to the needs of any business. Among these tools, Web Banners are one interesting and quite a useful source of Internet advertisement which is being used by many big and small companies.

Web banner generally imparts a very tremendous effect on the people’s minds. It gives a constant recall to the web user as well as communicates the objective in a smart way. It also makes the viewer realize that the certain group or company is there in the market marking its presence in all ways possible. With an increase in Internet usage, web banner also act as an effective mean of brand identity for both its customers and its competitors.

Essentials for Designing a Striking Web Banner


It is important to remember that a web banner can give its full impact only when it is designed the best. There are many benefits of good web design. Nowadays, larger enterprises are specially hiring the web designing professionals to design their web banners the best way possible. A web banner should be both attractive and interesting, and should communicate well to its audience. Let us see few tips in detail which would help us create an effective and impressive web banner.

Punching Punch – line


The first thing which catches the eye of the viewer in a web banner is the punch-line or the main statement. The punch-line of your banner should be catchy and should develop curiosity in the mind of the viewer. The punch-line needs to be crisp and interesting and should leave the viewer with no other choice than to click on the banner and try to know more about it. A wrong font can cause to destroy the impact of the punch-line to a great extent. So, for the punch-line use a readable font that best suits the type of communication being done from your web banner.

Crispy Copy


Copy related to the rest of the information in the web banner (other than the punch-line). The name of the game is to ‘keep the copy short and simple’. The information in the web banner should not exceed more than 20 words. One has to filter down the information and take out the best from the rest keeping in mind, what will interest the viewers. The text should be streamlined with the punch-line and should

Indulging Images


Most web banners contain a pictorial or graphic element in them. There are many banners using images and pictures, however, the thing to remember is that the image should be indulging and should actually be eye-catchy. Also, ensure that the pictures and other graphical content used in the banner are relevant to product and services you are offering. Although, the picture of an attractive woman may attract a male viewer, but if it is not relevant to the information in the banner, it will quickly lose its impact.

Essential Elements


in a web banner, apart from the image and written information, the most important thing is the logo and the URL of the company. Either the banner is being advertised for corporate or promotional purposes; it is advised to use both the site address and logo in your banner in order to create your corporate identity. However, make sure that including the logo and URL does not dilute the effect of other elements of the banner.



A call-to-action or “click here” button is very important for your web banner. That is basically the gateway that leads the surfer to your website. It also helps to increase the click-through rate.

Professional Presentation


No matter which graphical advertisement you are designing, a professional look counts a lot! So while making a web banner, make sure that your banner looks decent and professional. Selection of font, resolution of images, colors and the layout, all should have a professional look to it. Also, one should realize that the Internet is full with millions of big and small web banners. And surfers are looking for a reason to surpass the unprofessional web banners as much as possible. Don’t give any chance to the surfer to take your banner for granted and by keeping it professional.

Fitting File size


After all the good things you have done to your web banner, there is one thing that can absolutely destroy the effectiveness of your web banner and that is the wrong file size. It is strictly advised that when making a web banner, keep the file size of a banner to the minimum. Now you may be wondering what can be the reason behind keeping the file size small. The reason is very simple, as the banners are displayed on the web, they must be immediately loaded till the time visitor moves to the next page. However, larger the banner size greater will be the time it will take to load. The surfer spends almost 10 seconds at a web page (and even less than that) so the banner should load within this time, otherwise it will completely lose its impact.

Perfect Placement


Like the file size blunder, a wrong placement of your web banner can also affect the impact of your banner’s communication in quite a negative way. It is very important to consider where your banner ad will be placed. A good placement allows your banners to stand out from the sites they are being displayed in, but does not make it the ‘annoying thing’. Your banner ads should blend well with the web pages, and talented banner designers will always take that into consideration.

Adding Animation


This is quite a universal fact that a moving object attracts more than a still picture. Similarly, an animated banner appeals the viewer more than an in animated banner. Research shows that animated banners generate almost 30 percent higher click-through rates than static banners. However, there is a drawback of such banners that is the animation results in larger file sizes. However, optimizing an animated GIF banner by decreasing both the number of colors used and vertical color change, one can bring the file size below the required value.

Using Colors in Web Banner Designing


As I have mentioned in my earlier posts quite a lot of times that colors are very important in designing anything at any medium. Similar is the case with the web banners in which colors can add impact and clarity to your communication. Colors used in a web banner can emphasize, highlight and lead your end users to the call-to-action button. Color can also be used to trigger emotions and curiosity.

When color is used inaccurately, it tends to destroy the communication of your banner and confuse your target audience. The interpretation of a color depends on culture, physiology of the eye, readability, your target audience’s profession or industry, and personal preference. Also remember that selecting colors for banner ads is not as simple as using colors based on personal preference. Culture, readability, the psychology of color and other factors are all should be taken in consideration while designing web banners.

To Conclude…


Web banner advertisement is one of the best things any company or business can do to get its name out there on the Internet. Even if you have just started up, it is a worthy investment for your company to put in the money and find affiliates to post your ads for you. The more people that know about your business, the more customers you will draw in, the more income you will generate and the more recognition you will get.


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