Call-to-Action Brochure Designing

In today’s world, the success of a business greatly depends upon the effectiveness of its marketing communication. It is important for the organization to communicate to the potential customers and the best tool for one-to-one communication is the brochure.

Brochures really help the marketers in their pursuit and to achieve their goals well. This source of communication provides greater details about the products in an attracting manner. Basically, the brochure design makes the information more appealing and similarly in color brochure printing is its example. If you give out the information about your product or service without a properly and professionally designed brochure, it will bring nothing but half-hearted results.

It is important for the businessman to choose a proper brochure design that will be in accordance with the information about his product or service. Brochures, being an effective marketing-support tool play an incredibly important role in affecting the bottom line of your business.

Things to Remember while Designing a Brochure




As I have mentioned several times in my prior posts, a logo is one of the staple items that you need to have if you are starting out a business. Your company’s logo is the symbol of your business and the reflection of your company. Logo’s simple presence in communication materials such as your brochures, it can immediately serve as a reminder and advertising tool of your company to your target consumers and the clients.



Colors are the most expressive elements of any design. Colors may be expensive, but using colors in your brochure is worth spending money on. Be bold in your brochure by using ample colors with good color schemes.

It said that the average recipient will spend only seven seconds looking at your brochure and it is the color, basically, that may or may not let him keep on going. At your consumer’s desk, you’re competing with all of the other brochures and, among them; your brochure needs to be noticed. Nothing says look at me like a good splash of color.



Do not suffocate your brochure with a lot of straight-forward boring text. A generous helping through attention-grabbing photos and other graphical elements will keep your audience interested. After all,  a picture is worth a thousand words!



Most people look at images first, headlines to follow and then the details or body copy. Following the rule, try to put your most important information and selling points across mainly with the help of images and headlines.

‘Less is More’ Formula


‘Less Is More’ is the most important rule of design that will get your audience’s attention during those crucial seven seconds mentioned earlier. Lesser the font, greater will be the readers motivation to read it. Also, do not use more than three fonts for your brochure and also make legible choices in fonts.



Do not fill the small spaces of your brochure with larger headlines that may look like fillers.  Be consistent in your use of typeface and size for headlines, body text and captions.  This practice will give a much decent appearance to your brochure.



Try to break up the text in bullets and also keep paragraphs short in order to retain the reader’s interest.  Keep suitable line-spacing to make your brochure attractive and legible. Also, do not crowd elements on the page or push the type together.



Your hard work is wasted if your brochure has spelling errors, poor grammar, design mistakes or erroneous information. Ask a professional proofreader to scan the brochure for any mistakes or design flaws. Also, ask for honest feedback from different people and inquire if the content stimulates their interest.

If you’re on a tight budget, double-check that vital piece of information for accuracy (as you don’t be able to afford the reprints). And finally, create a list of the people who will approve the brochure and be sure everyone in that ‘chain of command’ has signed on the final copy before it goes to the printer.

Importance of Pictures for Your Brochure


Images or pictures are very important for an effective brochure design. It keeps the reader’s interest glued to the content and helps him understand more about your business. In order to have an effective communication endeavor, you have to carefully select and add the images that are very fundamental in developing the image and philosophy of your company. This will help you achieve the objectives of your advertising materials faster and better.

Following are some crucial images that you should always remember when designing a brochure.

Products Shots


Product shots are perhaps the most luring picture you can add to your brochure. It is important that you show the very products or services that you are selling in the market. Nevertheless, in doing so, you should keep a striking difference between a avoid making your print brochures look like catalogs. You can at least insert the best pictures of your flagship items into your brochures printing to better attract your target clients.

Team Pictures


Pictures of your group or team of the company should necessarily be incorporated in your brochure. You can also add photos of the newly-joined employees. By introducing the members of your team, you can actually make your company feel more welcoming to other people when they will see real people actually working for your target clients.

This will also help you make your target clients and customers appreciate your business better because they would be able to see the persons behind every product and service you deliver.

Your Office’s  Images


You can also try adding a picture of your workspace. The physical arrangement of your office reflects the attitude of you and your workers. A good and tidy working environment makes your customers feel how organize and professional you are as a company.

Types of Brochure Shape



There are several types of brochures according to the shape and size of the page. Some common of these are as follows:

Bi-fold Brochure


Bi-fold brochure is the best way to promote your business as it is and looks easy to be read. Bi-fold brochures will certainly give an extra edge to your marketing campaign through their better readability and ease of handling.

Tri-fold Brochure


Unfold your success story with tri-fold brochure design. Tri-fold brochure design is one of those commonest forms of brochure designs which will never lose its importance. The most important feature of the tri-fold brochure is that it offers greater space for information. This type of brochureis often used an effective alternative to flyers.

Gate-fold Brochure


Gate-fold brochure is an effective off-line marketing tool, which can generate impressive result if it can be used prudently and properly. Although the cost of printing his kind of brochure is a bit higher than the conventional shaped brochure, however, it looks very stylish and unique to have this design.

Z-fold Brochure


Z-fold brochure is often used as an effective alternative to tri-fold brochure (as they are quite similar in the number of folds). Z-fold brochure consists of six panels of which one is front panel, one is back panel and the rests are internal panels. This type of brochure is used widely for giving product information, company details etc. As the cost of producing Z-fold brochure is comparatively similar to that of tri-fold brochure, it is similarly popular.

So next time when you get a brochure designing job, don’t just sit there with a dull face, not knowing what to do. This post has enough information to help you get a good start!


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