Typography and its Immense Importance for Your Designing

Among different elements of graphic designing, typography is an important one, which the designers usually take for granted. Typography in terms of graphic designing means to choose the kind of font type that completely blends with the design and speaks for itself as a part of that design.

In technical terms, typography is the art of arranging font type into the layout of the design. This arrangement includes the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing and the adjustment of spaces between groups of letters and between the letters of a word, all together constituting typography.

What is Typography?


To explain the phenomena of typography, it can be said that it is basically the order of shaping written information. Typography can be applied to anything which has to do with text, including captions/headings, names, web design or any kind of written information. For instance, authors or writers write the text of their books, designers or typographers manage the typography and the end readers read through it.

Going deep into its etymology, the word Typography comes from the Greek origin words typos, which means “mark, figure” and grapho, which means “to write.” So as a compound word, typography means to write in a specific mark or style, and that is pretty much self explanatory for typography’s true meanings.

Significance of Typography in Graphic Designing


Significance of typography is unrivaled when it comes to graphic designing. Typography is a particular design element without which every design seems incomplete. There is no rocket science involved in it, for which we need to follow a set pattern of rules and regulations. However, what you do need is a sense that matches the perfect typo for your design (because every type cannot be used for any design).

It won’t be unjust to confess that typography plays a major role in making any graphic design an instant success. By conveying your message visually with typography you can save yourself a lot of time keeping in the bounds of creativity. With type you can jump right into things without having to extract, adjust levels or curves. However, sometimes the combination of color and typography is overlooked, which affects the overall project.

Typography is something that many designers take for granted and shift their focus on the more pictorial aspects of design like the image or layout etc. Also to be noted that typography can be one of the factors in your work that will be immediately noticed and valued in your portfolio when applying for jobs in the field, especially when it come to advertising industry.

Significance of Typography in Web Designing


Similar to graphic designing, typography has an inevitable importance in the field of web designing as well. Almost 90 percent information on the web is based on writer material and thus involves typography. Basically, web is a medium where typography rules are to create a package of readability, coherence and visual satisfaction that engages the readers in their unconsciousness.

The limited choice of fonts and typos on the web should not be a designer’s major concern. A skilled web designer can use what is available and make the most out of it, keeping in mind that readers do care about how the text is represented. The web readers might not care about the typography itself; however what they do care about is to get and understand the right information quickly and easily.

An Important Example – Effects of Bad Typography


Most people I have seen belonging to the media and communication industry largely undermine the importance of typography. For such people, typefaces are pretty insignificant. However, to the true devotees of typo, they are the most important feature of text, giving subliminal messages that can either tempt or revolt the readers.

An example of how a bad typography can effect the onlookers is when Avatar, the biggest grossing movie of the year 2009 was released, a particular section of the audience was immediately outraged, and those were the graphic designers. Reason being, they didn’t like the font that James Cameron had chosen for the subtitles. There were several angry views about the bad typography used in Avatar such as:

One blogger commented “I hated it on the posters and then threw up a little in my mouth when I realized I would have to read that ugly font throughout the film in the subtitles,” Another said, “After the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on CG effects, did he just run out of money for a decent graphic designer!?!?”

This example is fair enough to make you realize that the fonts and particularly good type fonts are not just for designing geeks. Any medium of communication need a good typography for its success.

In Short…


Typography is immensely important for designing (both graphic and web designing). Great typography is a state of mind which comes with experience and right knowledge.  You can gain a lot of knowledge regarding typography by getting to know of other’s experience.  Observation can play a crucial role in adding to your knowledge of typography.

Typography Art in TV


Typography Art in Poster Designs


Typography Art in Ads


Typography Art in Flyers


Typography Art in Outdoor Signs


Just study typography around you; in print, TV, ads, brochures, flyers, posters, outdoor signs, entertainment packaging, billboards, books, the web and any other medium you get to see. Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing with a style, and that’s what the designers should keep in mind in order to produce successful designs.


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