Logo – Its Elements and Inevitable Importance for your Business


Importance of a Logo

A logo is a magical symbol that represents your company and provides the kind of image no other attribute of the business can provide. Your business’s identity is an important element of your business that communicates visually through a logo. It is crucial to have a good, rather suitable logo for proper branding and recognition of your business.

Whenever someone starts a business, he/she needs to create the quickest possible route to business identity and ultimately to success. Here is where the magic of the log starts. The logo contributes to your business’s visibility and credibility (the two factors that will help your business flourish and attain success).

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The more a log is important for a business, the more it is taken for granted by most companies or the world. A peep into the identity business says that about half of all businesses fail within their first few years, and most often the reason of this failure is, generally inefficient marketing and specifically a bad logo. This not a hard nut to crack that if your marketing materials do not stand out from those of your competitors, your business suffers real bad.

What is a Perfect Logo

Since every business in the market is unique and has its very own niche and culture (both internal and external), it is essential that you obtain a logo for your business which correctly portrays the essence of your business to the outside world. It should be a balanced combination of color, shape, typography and your business’ attributes. A perfect logo aims to effectively capture the values and services of the business in a visual context.

Similarly, a good logo should not only attract the consumer’s attention to your business but also make sure that the business logo is unperceivable imprinted in the consumer’s memory. Also note that your logo design should not be very complicated, it should rather be a simple text, an illustration, a picture, or even symbols, saying everything in one go.

How Important is a Perfect Logo for your Business


Getting a perfect logo designed is one of the most important aspects of marking your presence in your respective market. The ultimate aim of your logo is to present your business in a positive, professional and memorable manner and impart in your consumer’s mind as an images of stability and reliability.

The basic reason for getting a perfect logo design for your business is to promote awareness of your business among your market niche and the masses alike. A good logo design will help your business stand out from the crowd and yell your presence.

Elements of a Logo

As I have mentioned earlier that if you want to develop your brand effectively, your logo should be the most recognizable icon of your business or product.  So first of all, it is crucial to choose a graphic element or image that appropriately demonstrates your brand’s attributes and values.

Ensure that the image or graphical part of your logo should not be disturbing or offensive.  Also, the image should not be too old or trendy and select an image that can be timeless.  Because if once your logo gets too old, creating a new logo can be expensive and requires a re branding investment that you may not be able to take on.


After the image, the shape of the logo counts a lot. The shape either has to correlate with either the name, the graphical image or should be relevant to your business. Here again, the shape of the logo should not be so complicated that the customer tries to guess to figure out the traits of your business. Also, the shape of your log should be a combination of a relation to your business and something that people will remember. For instance, a logo shape of an eyeglass retailer can be an eyeglass case that is open with the eyeglass inside. This way it is easy to remember, stays in mind and the logo forces customer to remember you in their subconscious when they use their eyeglass cases.


This is a colorful world and so colors play an important role on catching the eyes of viewers. The color of your business’s logo has to be catchy. There are so many colors in the palette, likewise there are so many businesses in the world that each has already used many colors many times. So finding the color for your logo can be hard at times to separate yourself from the competition (or other businesses) that may have a similar logo.

Do some research about the meanings behind the colors you want to use or brainstorm, as on which color will suit your business the best or do a survey by making different color options of your logo. The colors used in your logo are important in terms of how logos are perceived psychologically. The color should make your logo look appealing and should help differentiate you from the competition.

A Quick Recap

Your logo is an important extension of your brand’s message, attributes, image and promise.  You need to communicate your message and promise in every aspect of your business to fully develop your brand and gain the trust of your customers through your logo.  Along with the image, shape and color, your log should also abide by the rule of consistency. If that consistency in your logo doesn’t carry over, then your logo is just a useless piece of clipart!


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