Logo Design Contest at 48HoursLogo.com

If you are thinking about getting a logo design for your business, start a logo design contest at 48hourslogo.com might be the perfect solution you are looking for.

48HoursLogo is a new logo contest website designed to make logo design easy and fun for both logo clients and designers. For logo clients, you can get a professionally designed logo for less than 100 bucks. Not to mention the variety of logo design concepts that you will be offered before making your final selection. For logo designers, this is a great place to practice you design skills and built up your portfolio. And because most of logo contests on the site run for only 48 hours, it’s a great way to make some extra cash too.

Here are some nice features I liked about 48hourslogo.com

  • Affordable – you can start a logo contest for as little as $79
  • Fast – like the name suggests, many contests run for only 48 hours. You can get your brand new logo fast and designers get paid even faster.
  • Fun – The ability to rank the designs, write comments and replies all on the same page makes it easy and fun to communicate about the project.
  • No minimum payout – Designer gets paid 48 hours after every project.
  • Fun and friendly community of designers and logo clients
  • It absolutely free and takes only takes 10 seconds to register as logo designer


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