30 Coolest Minimalist Print Ads

Minimalist ads are some of the coolest print designs around. By adopting a deliberate simple approach, the designer distills the ad’s message and must find the least-complex signs and words to communicate the concept. The resulting ads are often funny, like visual ‘one-liners’, sometimes enigmatic, and, at their best, are inventively lucid. This post brings together a collection of 30 minimal ads, a selection representing the best in this design form.

1. Google

This advert suggests how much simpler life would be if finding everyday objects that have a tendency to go missing were as easy as Google search.


2. Hospital Aleman

The simple colours and composition of this ad promote a health care plan for children.


3. Faber Castell

This ad hints at the colouring potential of Faber Castell permanent marker pens.


4. Lego

The power of imagination and the possibilities of the famous building blocks are represented in this ad for Lego.


5. LA Bicycle

This is a folding print ad for a folding bicycle.


6. McDonalds

This ad employs a simple yet suggestive design to represent McDonald’s ‘Wi-Fries’ Internet connections.


7. Orbit Remote Car Starters

A simple ad for a gadget that means you can start your car from a distance.


8. 95% Advertising Academy

The Advertising Academy uses a cool iceberg aesthetic for this pleasing design.

8 95-advertisingacademy

9. The Economist

The minimalist message of this effective The Economist magazine’s ad reverses ‘peer pressure’ to pressure peers’, encouraging readers to lead, not follow.


10. Zoo Bucuresti

A bear’s muzzle leaves a lipstick kiss in this ad encouraging love for Bucharest Zoo.


11. Veet

This ad for Veet hair removal products suggests hairless soap, and by implication a hairless body, is the best way to go.


12. National Environment Agency Singapore

The message of this ad is that smoking is prohibited inside Singapore’s pubs, clubs and restaurants, so smoke outside.


13. Vespa

This ad employs a sparse landscape and a list of suggestive words to advertise Vespa scooters.


14. Shamiana Short Film Festival

This domino motif is from an ad campaign promoting Shamiana Short Film Festival.


15. Olay

This ad suggests that Olay skin products can ‘undo’ the effects of aging.


16. Dulcolax

This ad for Dulcolax laxatives hints at pressure release.


17. Bosch

The copy on this ad states that Bosch cordless drills are ‘faster than you think’, as this unfortunate fly has discovered.


18. IKEA

This ad implies that IKEA’s assembly service leaves the customer free to enjoy his time.


19. Listerine

A speech bubble design reflects Listerine’s breath-freshening effects.


20. Oral-B

This is another ad for breath-refreshment, this time for Oral-B dental floss.


21. Veja Sao Paulo

‘Your free time goes by fast. Make good use of it’, encourages this advert with its truncated weekend schedule.


22. WWF

A game of noughts and crosses becomes a choice to save an endangered species in this ad for the WWF.


23. Sports Association for the Handicapped

This ad combines the Sports Association for the Handicapped’s trademark orange shoelaces with a design based on Rorschach tests, in which a subject responds to inkblot designs.


24. Hut Weber

This ad for Hut Weber shows how a hat can make all the difference in our perception of an individual.


25. Kapiti

This ad for Kapiti Designer Ice Cream highlights the dessert’s high-end aspirations.


26. Jeep

The striking silhouettes in this ad links Jeep with the wild and natural.


27. CNN

‘No story gets away’ from CNN International, as this web design image demonstrates.


28. BMW

This ad for BMW spares is extremely minimal, with the ‘M’ and ‘W’ swapped to convey the designer’s message.


29. Kunstmann

This ad for Kunstmann non-alcoholic beer highlights the difference in effect when compared with regular lagers.


30. Levis


A pure line drawing adorned with the iconic red tab represents Levi’s Slim Jeans in this ad.Tom is a UK based writer and designer who writes for a stockist of genuine Epson ink, toner, paper and other print accessories. You can read more of his writing on advertising and design on their blog.


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