35+ Blogging Widgets and Tools for Promote your Valuable Articles


In this article we presenting famous useful widgets for bloggers who can promote valuable articles to others and also can socialize design news with these listed widgets, as our experience most of new bloggers find helpful resources and tools for promote design and development news to maximum seekers, so we providing these widgets and tools after an amazing research work according to research result.


Boostpost is the easiest way to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website…



What is Redanyway?

A place to share and promote your blog posts. Engage and multiply your readers by letting anyone follow your blog and stay updated with just one click.



Heyzap allows any website or blog to take the most exciting flash games and put them into their website. This results in the website/blog having increased traffic, user time of site and engagement. Publishers can use widgets, APIs or RSS feeds to connect up to over 12,000 games. Publishers can also make money from a revenue share scheme from our game that use Heyzap Payments.



Setting up your Social Follow button is a simple 3 step process:  Create your Social Follow button by entering the links to all of your social accounts..



urFooz is the Portable Profile that Lives Where You Liveâ„¢


AddMerch – he One Button Merchandise Solution

AddMerch is a service that allows everyone to embed a complete Print-on-Demand custom merchandise store in right in their own website. Photos, images and user generated content can all be offered as high quality merchandise without any manual uploading or setting up of products. Tell AddMerch the URL of the image that you want to use, and AddMerch does the rest.

Tell-a-Friend is a complimentary tool that lets readers recommend and share content directly with their friends word of mouth style via any method: e-mail, IM, social networks, Twitter or even their blog. Without taking readers’ attention away from the content page, Tell-a-Friend taps their internal address book to access their lists of friends from each of the supported networks and contact them individually or as a group.

ContestMachine makes it easy to run a contest or giveaway on your blog or website. Today, many bloggers struggle to run contests using the the comments feature on blog posts. ContestMachine makes it a lot easier.

DotSpots is a semantic annotation system that brings the wisdom of crowds to every meme (block of text) on the web, and leverages automatic semantic matching to distribute each contribution to every instance of that meme across the web.


BlogUpp! – Automated Blog Promotion

BlogUpp! represents a new form of free web promotion. It uses RSS to mutually share blog articles within the widget, along with the snapshot of promoted blog, non-obtrusively and interactively. There is no signup to use it, the setup can be done in seconds, and no maintenance is required afterwards.


Apture – A Rich Multimedia Experience for the Web

With just one line of code, publishers and bloggers can quickly and easily turn flat pages of text into a compelling multimedia experience. Apture gives content creators the power to find and incorporate relevant multimedia items directly into their pages. Readers can then access these items without ever leaving the page, providing them with a deeper and more meaningful web experience.

Xxtimeline is a web 2.0 embeddable timeline widget and timeline content website. You can create timelines about any subject and display them on your blog or website.

Add to Any’s "Subscribe" and "Bookmark" widgets let your visitors subscribe using any feed reader, bookmark using any bookmark manager, and share using any social service. Widgets contain a searchable menu of every applicable service, with the most popular displayed by default.

Sprout has a range of features appropriate for both novice and advanced users, resulting in quick and easy creation of sophisticated multimedia content.

Hyplets are FREE personal IDs and online Flyers, which you can easily add to emails and Web pages, allowing you to enhance your online presence and promote your content with a single click.


Sonific – Soundtracks for your Digital Life

With Sonific you can find the music you like, create your playlists, make your widgets, grab the code and add it to your profile page, site, blog or photo album.

FEEDJIT gives you real-time traffic data on your blog. No registration required and it’s completely free. See where your visitors are located in the world, which websites they’re arriving from and what they’re clicking when they leave your site

Web2PDF Online is a free HTML to PDF Conversion service for your websites that allows your visitors to quickly save useful information in your blogs and websites to PDF files. Web2PDF Online also keeps track of all the PDF conversion activities in your site, providing you with a metric to measure the importance of your site contents.

LabPixies is a free online directory for web gadgets. LabPixies gadgets are available for personalized homepages like Google, Live.com, Netvibes and Pageflakes, and can also be embedded on most blogs and web pages. Simply click on the “add to” button of your favorite website and start personalizing your online experience!

PictoGame is a unique place to create mini-games based on your digital pictures. In a few clicks, Pictogame enables you to make your own game widgets and share them easily by email, on your blog, on your MySpace profile, or on any social network.

BlogCatalog’s purpose it to list Blogs available on the Internet. The goal is to provide a service that drives traffic to Blog owner’s sites as well as give users searching for Blog’s an easy way to find them.

With the sharethis browser plug-in you can share your web favorites with your friends faster than ever. ShareThis reshaping the way people interact with each other online and across their mobile devices by providing a quick new way to share digital stuff – including photos, videos, text, Web pages and music – in one simple step.

Spinlets run inside a webpage, they allow anyone to create their own website ‘mash-ups’ by embedding content from one site into another site. Spinlets are completely based on browser technologies such as HTML, Flash, etc. It’s not a desktop widget, like the ones provided by Apple and Yahoo.

InstaComment is a service allowing website owners to add an instant comment system to their pages. Use it wherever you think comments would come in handy.

UWA (stand for Universal Widget API) by Netvibes, has been relesed today.This product enable you to have all your Netvibes widgets available on every widget platforms or blog systems like: Google IG, Apple Dashboard and many more.

Criteo AutoRoll is a blog widget that displays links to blogs that your readers should like. Based on each unique reader’s affinity for each specific blog, the Criteo Recommendation Engine will compute on a real-time basis the relative affinity of all blogs, and it automatically displays the Top 10 unique links on each blog…

FeedFlash is a Web widget, a free online tool to create feed readers and place them everywhere on the Web. Suitable for social networks such as MySpace, blogging sites such as Blogger or Web pages like Google Pages. Feeds URL automatic detection.

Bitty Browser helps you keep track of your favorite Web stuff by enabling navigable windows directly within your favorite sites — it’s like Picture-in-Picture for the Web.1. Reach a wider audience by making your content/service available out through windows on other Web sites. 2. Maintain closer relationships by enabling your content/service within personal start pages. 3. Provide your visitors with extended content/services, without driving them away from your site.

Cellblock is a real-time collaborative photo/video blogging widget that works with any email-capable device (cell phones, computers, PDAs, etc.) Many of Cellblock users embed them on their blogs or web pages to connect with their audience through rich media. Cellblock owners have complete control over content publication so there is no need to worry about inappropriate or unwanted material.

MuseStorm has pioneered end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions that empower publishers and marketers to engage their target audiences through syndication of highly interactive rich media content.

MyBlogLog is a communities service to empower authors and readers to operate at the same level. For the first time, everyone who reads a web site or blog can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level.



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