30+ Websites for Teach yourself about Photography

If you thinking of taking up photography as hobby, you may learn from listed photography tutorial websites, you can create beautiful photography through your digital cameras, there is listed very much professional and beginners level photography, we getting all inspiration from photography-colleges.

Basic Photography Tutorials

Learn Photography

In this instructable, i’m going to teach you some basics on photography. I will be writing this mainly for digital users, but most things apply to both digital, and film.



This community of photographers features millions of photos from thousands of photographers, with interactive forums, product reviews, and photo news to make you a better photographer.


Photography Articles

These collected articles from the “No BS Photo Success” website offer tips on joining photography forums, shooting tutorials, info on online courses and much more.



Photography is our passion, and we know it’s yours. At Photography.com, you can read photography articles, browse photography equipment and digital camera reviews, purchase digital cameras, find stock photography, locate a photographer, or sign up for an imagePRO account to promote your own photography and services.



This site offers online courses with a “Better Than Money Back” guarantee that they will make you a more amazing photographer.


50 Principles of Composition in Photography

In just under 6 minutes, this video offers 50 tips and tricks to buff up your composition skills.


Photography Tutorials

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but I also think, that a good subject is worth a thousand pictures. And if you have a subject worth shooting, it’s definitely worth giving it all you’ve got at the time or, if not, come back tomorrow or another day, when the light or time is better and plan to take as many shots of it as you can.


Photography Tutorials and Helpful Links

Browse the informative forums, check out the tips and tricks and enjoy the Flickr galleries of amazing photos on this equally amazing site.


Photography Techniques

This no-frills site helps you pick your first camera, learn travel photography, become an expert at photo printing and other awesome topics.


kodak Learning



Master low-light shooting, multi exposure photos and HDR photographing with this great site.



ran across this great list of digital photo how-tos as I was poking around the Lifehacker archives. Being that I’m a bit of a Photoshop gimmicks enthusiast, I’ll create a tutorial one of these days of my favorite Photoshop speed tricks. But in the meantime, enjoy this Lifehacker list:



This site links to other sites to help you find photography courses, capture light, take great night photos, and more.



Photo Knowledge Base is a community for photographers of all skill levels. Share your knowledge on cameras and accessories, ask questions about camera features and specifications, get advice on equipment, discuss techniques, find reviews on the latest digital cameras, or search the discussion database for the answers to your questions. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you are in the right place!


Learn to Take Great Photos

This site features tips, challenges, courses, and much more. Complete with thorough video tutorials, this site should definitely be bookmarked ASAP.


Learn Photography

While film is expensive, digital a little cheaper, the real cost of photography is the great shots you left behind or lament when they aren’t up to what you expected.  Nothing is a sure thing, but some of the pages might help increase your yield, or make your photos look more like mine.


5 Minute Photographer

This subscription site offers video tips and tricks to becoming an amazing photographer in just 5 minutes.


NYI Photoworld

This New York Institute of Photography e-zine features pictures of the month, profiles gifted students, and offers plenty of facts and thoughts from the pros.


Learn Photography

This is a video course consisting of 16 lessons, and offers over 60 photography tips. Whether you use film or digital, these lessons have something for you.


Advanced Photography Tutorials


This is a video course consisting of 16 lessons, and offers over 60 photography tips. Whether you use film or digital, these lessons have something for you.


Luminous Landscapes: Tutorials

This page list articles on this site in the form of photographic Tutorials. You can find the latest additions on the site’s Home Page as well as listed by their date of publication on What’s New. An easy way to find specific content of interest is to use the site’s Search page.


Photography Tutorials

These down and dirty tutorials offer help with fixing highlights and shadows, photographing splashes of water, separating colors for screen printing and much more.


Photography Tutorials by Andrew Whyte

Wedding Photography by Andrew Whyte is a paid tutorial. It contains valuable information and ideas from the world of a working wedding photography team. It is aimed at budding professional wedding photographers but amateurs would also gain a lot of knowledge.



This site helps you use white backgrounds, set up a studio at home, and even learn some photography hacks along the way.



This no-frills site is broken into “Beginner” and “Advanced” sections, offering tips on everything from exposure basics to digital landscapes.



This photo-filled tutorial offers great tips on Internet research, photo re-creation, learning new techniques, and more.


Dan Burkholder Photography

This site offers an online store for equipment and tutorials, as well as an amazing online portfolio.


New and Inspirational Photography Tips

No matter what you know or what you think you know, there are always some photography tips or “Nuggets” or “Gems” of information that you hear that make you think “Hey, that’s a good idea!”.


How to Do Macro Insect Photography

If you’d like your lens to get up close (like, really up close) to the insect word, this site offers equipment tips, photography tips, and an amazing gallery of photos.



These videos from the user of the same name help you solve an array of photography problems, and also offer specific advice on everything from studio lighting to bird photography.



This site offers photography tips, humor, and very specific advice (such as posing guides and how to pick a great wedding photographer) with a blend of content for members and non-members alike.



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