20+ Emerging Concepts of Laptop Designs

In this existing technology world, all technologies and trends change rapidly, we must follow emerging technologies otherwise you’ll be outdated, we keep compare old and newest technologies. Now we are showing some really creative and turn you in conceptual laptop designs which listing here for your future needs.

DesCom (Laptop Desk for Giant Freaks)

As concepts go, most designs stand on their own merit and need nothing else to exist for them to hopefully one day go into production. Then there are the more rare concept designs that are completely dependent on yet other concepts to be created in order for the first to exist. Got that?



Vaio Zoom

The Vaio Zoom notebook concept takes everything we know about holographic technology and squeezes it inside a thin glass form factor. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the  mouse buttons are holographic!



Fujitsu’s Turn Table PC

Aspiring DJs to scratch and spin digital media files on the Turn Table PC, a prototype of a combo system from Fujitsu that can serve as a notebook or as a digital turntable. It may never be produced in this form, but it’s turning heads at the Ceatec exhibition in Chiba, Japan this week, says our correspondent Sumner Lemon of the IDG News Service.


Cario – Notebook On The Go by Anna Lopez

A slim line, lightweight concept Notebook for the mobile worker. This notebook gives the user possibility to use it without a notebook bag. As Adjusted for use in car whilst stationary to enable a work space for the business commuter. Inside the car the notebook is designed to fit the interior, Once connected into the cars system, through the notebook the user has easy access to personalize the vehicles environment and settings to their preferences. The Notebook would only work in the car while driving as a HUD (head up display) with the projector, for a safe driving. And turn into workmode while stationary and adjusted on the drivers steering wheel.



Canova Dual Screen Laptop

I’m not a big fan of touch-screens (or Tablets for that matter), but I gotta admit—Canova’s dual-screen laptop concept is pretty cool. For reading online books or the newspaper—it’s a definite shoe-in. Even for editing photos it looks like it’d give Wacom a run for their money since you’d be able to use the bottom screen for “writing” and the top screen to see your edits. But for daily Web browsing and writing, I’m not so sure it’d jive. Either way it’s only a concept—one that we’d definitely be interested in checking out.


MacTab is the complement to MyBook in the high-end. The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. It stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches.


Intel’s Metro NoteBook

Say hello to Intel’s latest portable PC concept: the “metro notebook”, an ultra-thin, ultra-light laptop for the ladies. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, the sub-0.7in thick, 1kg device sports an always-on secondary display for fast info updates.



LG Ecological Laptop Concept

LG introduced e-Book, an ecological laptop concept that uses fuel cell batteries and features organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology. This concept notebook received a Red Dot Award nomination for “Best Concept Design” for 2006.

The batteries of the LG e-Book use natural gas, methanol, and other eco-friendly liquid fuels. The fuel is stored in a transparent cylindrical hinge.



Fujitsu Folding Laptop

Video exclusive: Fujitsu let us finger their super-swish folding laptop.

Taking the Origami principle to heart, Fujitsu reckon they’ve got the ultimate UMPC licked, with this swish design for a laptop which literally folds in half to fit your pocket.

Toting extra keys inside for gaming, the half-pint lappy also packs in a finger print reader, so all your data’s secure should it slip down the back of a stranger’s sofa.


Compenion Laptop Concept

The computer itself has an OLED touchscreen, where you can directly work on, much like with a umpc or pda. The whole screen is a slider, as it can be moved forward to reveal a second OLED touchscreen underneath, where you can have a keyboard or working controls, similar to a setup with 2 monitors.


Frog Concept Design

The Gelfrog converges style and function. The final product is rugged, yet flexible enough to be used in the classroom, in the urban jungle, or on the nature trail. Encased in a smart skin, the gelfrog displays image content from a mobile mirror, photo slide show, video projector and everything in between. Wireless technology enables immersive and interactive learning. Through video capture capabilities and just-in-time data library access, the gelfrog is both a journal of student experiences and a window to new worlds.


Canvas Laptop Concept Designed By Kyle Cherry

A designer named Kyle Cherry has developed the laptop of the 21st century. The futuristic concept is called Canvas and is supposed to provide a better quality for the designer and also it’s said that it will raise the productive rate of the artist. The laptop will feature a very thin touchscreen and the other components will look just about the same but they will be better adjusted. Check out the gallery below and prepare to be amazed.


Samsung Amoled Concept

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays have come into spotlight because of their great display quality and Samsung has already started implementing this new technology in handful of devices like cellphones and cameras.

Recently the SDI Division at Samsung came up with a AMOLED notebook prototype about which they claim that it produces a contrast ratio about 20 times higher than that of an LCD.


OLPC Hinged Laptop

Design Continuum’s concepts, the OLPC engineers and partners were most interested in the designs that more closely resembled a traditional laptop. Yet the machine also had to double as an e-book and be easily portable. So as the designers continued to develop the concept through physical models, they evaluated how each possible architecture would perform in each mode and transform between them.



Available as part MERE ROTEBURU to display. Placed a strong feeling in the room and suddenly the PC has been expressed in a natural blend with the interior. Keyboard for touch screen technology, in addition to standard keyboard layout and can be. And have a slot on the edge OPUTIKARUDORAIBU. Display, T series and the 22-inch LCD.


Thinkpad reserve edition

Those hoping for more than an X61s in cow’s clothing will be disappointed to learn that there isn’t much more to this ThinkPad Reserve Edition mystery. Lenovo unveiled the laptop today, with the expected Executive Support services and of course that leather case distracting from the fact that the laptop is nothing new hardware-wise.


Traveller Laptop by Nikita Golovlev

E-paper makes a flexible display that consumes power only when updated. The design is inspired by a regular tourist map where you get good overview, good level of detail, and quick access combined with the advantages of GPS navigation.

Store your images from your digital camera on the internal drive and sync them to the GPS log. Now you can see exactly where your photos were taken. Share this information directly by using WiFi or piggyback your phone with Bluetooth.


HP Concept Laptop

The other day Riyad was treated to a sample of blue sky thinking from Philips, demonstrating products that could potentially come to market in the near future. Yesterday it was HP’s turn. At an exclusive event in London Phil McKinney, Worldwide Chief Technology Officer of the Personal Systems Group and Stavy Wolff, Worldwide leader of the Industrial Design Team, came over from the US to demonstrate its ‘HP Invent’ slogan in action. What they were demonstrating weren’t actually working products however, but merely mock-ups of what we could be seeing in around ten years time.


The Graphite Executive Laptop Concept

We are always happy to receive tips from readers concerning items which may be of interest to readers of TFTS and we were especially happy to receive this tip concerning this Microsoft Graphite Executive Laptop as it’s exactly the sort of concept we positively lust over.

Admittedly, unlike the previously featured, diamond studded Otazu Ego Diamond Notebook, this Graphite Executive Laptop is not commercially available at the time of writing, but its an extremely beautiful laptop concept that’s well worth a heads up on TFTS.

Designed by James Owen, and featured on the IdeaWicket website – which also brought us gems such as this Flexi PDA Concept and these cool Shade Blade sunglasses – the designer offers us this following, tantalising insight into his executive laptop concept:


Macbook 0801

Macbook 0801 concept laptop by Isamu Sanada is more like a black version of the now Macbook Air. It also features an ultra-thin keyboard and a very sleek design.


Concept Foldable Laptop/PDA

It has been a while since we featured a concept piece on TFTS, primarily because little of what we have come across of late has particularly inspired us – but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to this concept PDA unit which, from an aesthetic standpoint alone, certainly hits the mark.


LG notebook fuel cell system

LG will be the first company to commercialise a portable fuel-cell system for notebook computers within a year, the company has pledged.

Developed by LG subsidiary LG Chem, the fuel cell comprises a reaction vessel and removable 200cc methanol fuel reservoir. Together, they can generate 25W of power for more than ten hours. The cell itself lasts for more than 4000 hours – eight times longer than competing products, LG Chem claimed.

Designed for notebooks, the fuel cell will also be able to power handheld devices such as portable media players and mobile phones, LG Chem said, by connecting to their USB ports.


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