Welcome WordPress 2.8 with New Features


Today, while browsing the WordPress website, I noticed that WordPress 2.8 Beta was available for testing. So, I determined to download it and give it a test run. Here is a list of main changes that make this release a bit dissimilar from the earlier versions.

Manage your Tags


A new sub-section has been additional to the Posts section called “Post Tags” that contains all the tags that have been used so far in your blog. Just like categories, you can change the Tag name, Tag slug and also add explanation for your tags.

Manage Themes Better


When managing your themes previous, you had to click on a meticulous theme’s screenshot and then activate or abandon it from the enlarged theme preview screen. This has been changed to something competent now. You just have to click on the “activate” link and the preferred theme gets applied directly without showing you a preview (the preview sometimes used to get stuck in case a theme was broken or if a necessary plugin wasn’t installed). This feature can certainly save a lot of valuable time. Additionally, you can also delete any unwanted themes from the same screen by clicking on the “delete” link.

Browse New Themes


This cool addition in WordPress 2.8 will let you add new themes for your blog right from your admin section. All you need to do is go beneath Appearance -> “Add New Themes”, and from here, you can search for a theme by any keyword you want. It also lets you apply dissimilar filters based on colors, columns, width and subject. So, now you can go theme hunting at full steam

Improved Widgets Section


The best and most wanted change that’s been done in WordPress 2.8 is the refurbish of the widgets section. Delectably, all your sidebars are visible at once (just like old times) and you can drag and drop the necessary widgets into them. So different WordPress 2.7.1, you don’t have to press the ridiculous “show” button anymore to bring up your individual sidebars. As soon as you drop a widget into a sidebar, it will pop down the widget’s properties automatically which can be modified and saved.

Edit Individual Post Comments


While editing a post, you can now see the existing comments that have been made till now in a separate box section at the bottom. You can approved, spam, delete, edit, rapid edit and reply to the comments right from the post edit screen.

And, here are some other minor changes that might appeal to many WordPress users :-

  • WordPress doesn’t ask for confirmation when marking a comment as spam
  • You don’t get notified of your own comments
  • You can autosave posts/pages when pressing Control/Command+S
  • Support for more than one gallery on the same page
  • You can now edit all the files of a particular plugin
  • WordPress now allows case-insensitive logins (username)
  • You can have multiple instances of a widget now

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