15+ Free WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins


let’s not neglect some of the WordPress Plugins which have taken the bare bones of the WordPress gallery feature and turned it into magic.

The following 16 WordPress Plugins exhibit images which you have uploaded to your WordPress blog’s server. Characteristically, they are in a core folder of your own choice, or one particular by WordPress or the Plugin. Some of these WordPress Plugins permit grouping of images into collections or sub-galleries or sub-albums through the use of sub-folders.

1. Cincopa WordPress Plugin 

With this plugin you can post gorgeous rich videos, photos and music galleries very simply. The big dissimilarity between this plugin and many others is the fact that it is coupled with Cincopa Internet platform which means:


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2. WordPress Gallery Slideshow 

The stimulation for this plugin came from NextGEN Gallery which includes a slideshow. As I always wanted small plugins that doesn’t add redundant tables and an unnecessary huge amount of code lines I wrote a small plugin which uses the built in gallery of WordPress for slideshows. You can use it with the new shortcut for slideshows


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3. Media Library Gallery 

Automatically creates a gallery with every images posts have in attachment. Support thick box. To include the gallery in a page, merely write in the post:


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4. NextGEN Gallery 

NextGEN Gallery is a full incorporated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.


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5. DM Albums 

DM Albumsâ„¢ is an inline photo album/gallery plugin that presents high quality images and thumbnails completely sized to your blog.


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6. Yet Another PhotoBlog 

Convert your WordPress 2.5+ installation into a full featured photoblog in virtually no time. Use the full variety of WordPress functions and plugins: Advantage from the big community WordPress has to offer.


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7. Picasna 

Picasna for WordPress is a free plugin that enables you to present your photos in a stylish and easy-to-browse way on your WordPress Blog. It’s a fullscreen gallery that uses the best tool for editing and organization your photos — Picasa 3 (by Google). You can upload photos unswervingly to Picasa Web Albums and they will emerge on your web page in seconds


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8. PhotoSmash Galleries

PhotoSmash Galleries makes it easy to create photo galleries in posts or pages that your users can upload images to.


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9. Misiek Photo Album 

Plugin allows you to add photo albums to your site using media library from your wordpress.


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10. Flickr Tag 

When I started using WordPress for webopticon.com, I had a hard time finding a Flickr plugin that didn’t download all the photos onto my server, have them emerge in a divide gallery, or otherwise look completely kitsch. I just wanted something simple


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11. Flickr + Highslide 


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12. my Picasaweb Album 

Do you need to show your photos to the best benefit and post them in a immediate manner, don’t you? You need to make a bright and unforgettable presentation, portfolio or image gallery?


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14. Fotobook 

Fotobook is a WordPress plugin that will link to your Facebook account(s) and import all of your photo albums for use in your WordPress installation. It uses the Facebook’s API so importing your photos is a breeze.


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15. Lightbox Gallery 

This plugin changes the view of galleries to the Lightbox view and also displays the connected metadata with the images. The subtitle for each image is viewed through a tool tip when you hover your mouse on a thumbnail.


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15+. Inline Gallery


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