10+ Free Magento Templates (Open Source) For E-Commerce


Magento is a popular open source e-commerce software platform that has a modular architecture and is tremendously flexible. It comes with a number of online shop preservation capabilities. It is also simple to configure and easy to customize. And despite the fact that it was launched just last year, it has been gaining more and more attractiveness among Web designers and e-business owners.

Magento has a ton of credentials in its pocket from some very big e-solution players. Magento Enterprise Edition, a commercial version aimed at larger companies, was launched just a month ago. The CMS includes such advanced features as marketing, promotional and SEO tools; analytics and reporting; mobile commerce; catalog-management tools. And Magento users have the liberty to customize their store with new themes, templates and plug-ins.
Underneath you’ll find a showcase of excellent Magento templates for your e-commerce business. Hopefully, these templates and possessions will serve you either as an stimulation for your themes, or as the foundation for your customized themes.

Modern Theme

This is an substitute to the default theme created by the Magento core team. It brings a more business look and feel, with a clean and simple design.


Modern Theme | Live Demo | Download

Magento Classic Theme

Templates-Master’s first free specialized Magento theme, the Classic Theme is available in 10 colors, all available for free download. This is CSS3-powered theme, simple to customize and coming with free updates.


Magento Classic Theme | Live Demo | Download

Telescope Theme

Created by MagThemes, this theme is very famed in the Magento community. It is freely available for download and has already been downloaded over 6,000 times.


Telescope Theme | Live Demo | Download

Pet Store Theme

This is the first free Magento theme from Template Monster. Very uncomplicated and light design, and easy to customize according to your needs.


Pet Store Theme | Full Preview | Download

Computer Store Theme

When you download this ready-made Web page design, you can perform editing it to gain knowledge working with this type of theme.


Computer Store Theme | Live Demo | Download

Blue Skin

Another substitute to the Magento default interface, this one with a very minimal design that focuses on the shopping cart.


Blue Skin | Live Demo | Download

Electronics Store Theme

This theme has a craggy, mechanical manifestation. The strong color and font would show off electronic devices well. To download this theme, just go to the store checkout and pay nothing; you’ll receive the theme by email within 24 hours.


Electronics Store Theme | Full Preview | Download

Linen Theme

Another free theme from MagThemes. Linen Theme is very stretchy. It has a stretch design (can stretch to fit 90% of your browser window) and a clean and easy layout that draws your customer’s concentration to the products.


Linen Theme | Live Demo | Download

Eco Fashion

The Eco Fashion e-commerce template is very easy to customize. With minor changes to the CSS and images, you can change this into your own individual theme. It comes loaded with some key SEO tools, such as frivolous CSS menus and main page content that appears before the column, footer and header blocks.


Eco Fashion | Full Preview | Download

Girly Store Theme – Not Available

A free pink theme for stores beleaguered at girls. Includes theme files, the PSD source file for the logo and fonts. It has the same power as the default Magento template; only some minor changes were made to the CSS, images and theme code, but not the core files. So, you can update to new releases of Magento with no difficulty.


Girly Store Theme | Live Demo | Download

Refresh Template

Refresh Template is a free W3C-compliant, CSS-based template based on the innovative HTML/CSS template by StyleShout.com. This work is dispersed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, which means you are free to use and modify it for any reason.


Refresh | Full Preview | Download

iPhone Optimized Theme

One more alternative skin to the default Magento interface. The very clean layout was created mostly with the iPhone in mind. It includes automatic uncovering and delivery of packages and themes (templates, skins, CSS, layout) based on the user-agent (client) that can be configured to global, website and store views. This video shows a preview of how Magento looks on the iPhone.


iPhone Optimized Theme | Full Preview | Download


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