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There are billions of blogs in the blogosphere. People always say that creating another blog might not be the improved thing given that approximately everything online is soaked. Of course, that’s a absolute twaddle! Fortunately 60% to 70% of blogs don’t acquire toehold and just couldn’t give the impression to make growth. And it’s because of a number of reasons which I wouldn’t want to talk about here.
Most people descend into this big delusion about blogging. This misapprehension is about “post and publish”. People think that the key to getting traffic is by creating a killer post, then publishing it. We all know it’s not the case. If no one reads your blog, then no one is even going to perceive you created a superior post! Apparently the one thing you have to do is to let people know “you” exists in the blogosphere. How? By spreading your content. Today I would like to talk about how you can possibly you get more traffic by spreading your content.

Social Book Marking

Social book marking is a method in which user use to book mark and supervise the pages they like. In Social Book marking users use to link the sites they want to remember or they like them much.
This is the essential of the social book marking but this is being the great tool for the SEO experts as they can save their sites at social sites in organize to have back links and for have traffic and business too.
These social bookmarks are usually public, and can be saved in confidence, joint only with meticulous people or groups, shared only inside influenced networks, or another grouping of public and individual domains. Only the acceptable people can examine these social bookmarks in succession, by category or tags, or via a search engine.

Benefits of Social Book marking:

  1. You can earn Google indexed back links for your web Sites
  2. Helpful links can be provided to the readers of libraries through social book marking.
  3. You can make infinite publication in an easy way.
  4. Can turn heavy traffic toward your web Site.
  5. It provides good vision for internet correlate marketing. If you make it to build up a wide-ranging personal network of people, prospect of improved sale of your product/service increases.
  6. Social book marking conclusion in generating millions of page views on monthly basis. It attracts the visitors from all over the world, therefore the internet marketers use this web traffic to get the target customers.
  7. It helps in absorption bookmarks from many computers, association of bookmarks, sharing of bookmarks with friends and so on.
  8. This system offers the potential to rank a particular reserve on the basis of number of times it has been bookmarked by the users.
  9. Fast Indexing: Google bot index these community web sites very quick, for example, digg, stumble and technotary stories are indexed every 20 to 25 minutes, so when you get the web site submitted in these social sites and they remainder on home page or inner category page, they get indexed very fast!


Your Article into Podcast

Seriously I am stunned with podcasts these days. I always deliberation before that it’s lame and doesn’t really make much intellect to me. But look how a lot of people are using (and consuming) it now. Now you can use a little examine known as Odiogo. What Odiogo does is turn your posts into podcasts and have them downloadable. It also has a nice WordPress plugin that you can easily incorporate in your blog.


Your Article into PDF’s

A lot of people hasn’t used this technique and honestly I haven’t yet but I think it worths a declare here. Post2PDF is a little WordPress plugin that turns your posts into PDF formats. And it doesn’t end there. You can then go to some illustrious forums associated to your place and spread it in the freebies segment. Now make no mistake about it, people enormously LOVE free e-Books and stuffs (just look at the forums). If you’re content is a hit, then prepare for truckloads of traffic and subscribers.


Your Article into Video Posts

Regrettably there is no software that can possibly exchange an article into a video, but you can always obtain some time to do it yourself. Do a video on one of your killer posts, then tender it to TubeMogul. TubeMogul essentially submits your video to prominent video directories like YouTube, Vimeo and a lot more. Signing up for an account is free and it’s a very nice tool to get viral very easy.


Tweet It!

Since Twitter has been one of the most talked about web application these days, I can’t help but talk about it too. Twitterfeed is a very cool plugin that essentially posts (automatically) the hottest article on your blog. Twitthis is an additional cool tool which enables your readers to tweet the post for you. Whether you have just 100 followers or 20K+ followers, these tools can actually get the job done for you.


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