15+ Useful PHP + jQuery Components for Every Project


Web applications have completed enormous leaps and limits in humanizing user knowledge thanks to a lot of freshly developed Ajax technology. When you coalesce some orderly functionality politeness of PHP with the ingenuity of jQuery you can create some pretty neat effects. In an attempt to help you take it up a indentation, we’d like to split some methods for helping your site foresee a user’s next move.

1. Directory Trees With PHP And jQuery

A easy way to keep track of many files is to use a directory tree. A directory tree lists out files and directories so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. In this tutorial, you will be taught how to make a directory tree using PHP and jQuery.


2. Create a Photo Admin Site Using PHP and jQuery

A sciences tutorial for creating a photo site using PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. You will be taught how to repossess images from a database, create a straightforward login form with substantiation, and then allow for the database to be asynchronously updated.


3. Asynchronous Comments with PHP, jQuery, and JSON

In this article, be taught how to create a uncomplicated but effectual means of capturing and displaying visitor explanation using a merge of jQuery, PHP and JSON. In the public forum that is the blogosphere, the aptitude to incarcerate and display visitor comments on your blogs can give you immediate feedback and opinions from the people that substance most – those that read your blog.


Check out the Demo Here

4. PHP ajax login form using Jquery

Create a new PHP ajax login functionality by Jquery. You can easily switch the data basis flanked by database and PHP array, login substantiation can be using username or email, or even both of ‘em by changing the config, automatic redirection could be done within the javascript config.


Check out the Demo Here

5. PHP + jQuery Todo List Part 1, part2

This is part 1 of a 2 part succession on making a To-do List with PHP and ornamental it with jQuery’s AJAX and handling capabilities.


Check out the Demo Here

6. Newsletter module

A PHP, jQuery and AJAX module, which should be great for any newsletter management needs. You just need to copy one file onto your site, and you’re prepared to send and archive all newsletters, supervise e-mail addresses and categories, and configure a template for your e-mails. Also have an aptitude of optional password protection. All options can be easily configured at the top of incorporated .php file.


Check out the Demo Here

7. From PHP to XML to jQuery and Ajax

This tutorial will focus on receiving data from a database by PHP, converting that to an XML document, and reading that XML in through jQuery via Ajax calls. Seems multifaceted, but is in fact, very easy.


Check out the Demo Here

8. How to Validate Forms in both sides using PHP and jQuery

We are going to learn how to validate your forms using PHP and jQuery in both sides: client side (using javascript with jQuery) and server side (using PHP). It will be interesting to see how to use regular expressions to validate different kind of e-mails, passwords and more.


Check out the Demo Here

9. Create a shoutbox using PHP and AJAX

We will learn how to create a dynamic ajax based shoutbox with jQuery from scratch. It will be very interesting to know how to use the ajax function of jQuery and how it can be used to insert and recover data from a MySQL database via PHP in a way asynchronous.


Check out the Demo Here

10. HOWTO: PHP and jQuery upload progress bar

With the controllable jQuery Progress Bar, writing a form upload advancement bar seems like a piece of cake now. Theoretically, all we need is to create the bar, poll for the progress of the file upload, drive the new progress bar value (in percentage) and set it using PHP.


Check out the Demo Here

11. Auto-Complete Field with jQuery, JSON & PHP

Using jQuery with PHP to create auto complete field, beside the auto-complete code we need the jQuery library along with its Dimensions plug-in.


12. A fancy Apple.com-style search suggestion

Learn how to recreate the effect from Apple website by creating a fancy apple.com-style search suggestion. This example makes use of several techniques: MySQL (for the database), HTML/CSS for styling, PHP for retrieving the data and jQuery for the AJAX request.


Check out the Demo Here

13. PHP & jQuery image upload and crop v1.2

Create a PHP and jQuery image upload and crop tool using PHP, jQuery, PHP GD Library and Image Area Select.


Check out the Demo Here

14. FlickrScrollr

FlickrScrollr is a combination of PHP and jQuery that parses a Flickr RSS feed and creates an animated thumbnail display.


Check out the Demo Here

15. Reddit-style Voting With PHP, MySQL And jQuery

If you are a regular at Reddit, you must have noticed the way people vote there. You can either vote up or vote down. This tutorial will show you how to create such a voting system with jQuery, PHP and MySQL.


Check out the Demo Here

16. SMTP Feedback Mail class with jQuery Slide Effect

This post is about feedback mail with nice slide effect using php SMTP class and jQuery. It’s very useful to add contact/feedback page to your php websites.



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